Khazana is the Urdu word for “treasure.” There are nine planetary bodies studied in Vedic Astrology, and Venus is the planet most symbolic of treasures, luxuries and worldly fulfillment.

You don’t necessarily need to cast your chart in order to know if Venus is behaving in its most beneficial capacity in your life. A strong Venus in the birth chart creates individuals with great taste. A healthy Venusian native will be inclined towards great beauty and decadent objects, but interestingly enough their taste will be more natural at its core. Venus, when transmitting in its higher frequencies, would much prefer silk, hemp, wool and cotton over polyester, nylon and acrylic. Healthy Venus would also enjoy colors that come from nature over more artificial palettes. An individual with a strong and well-performing Venus would put more energy towards proper skin care and adequate sleep rather than spend time and money on artificial beautification methods such as plastic surgery and the application of chemically-laden makeup products. At the very least a truly Venusian native would prefer organic and natural cosmetics. Frida Kahlo is a great example of a well-known person with a healthy Venus. While Frida wore makeup, she maintained a very natural look with her unplucked eyebrows and facial hair. She was also incredibly artistic and beauty played a major role in her life as a painter. Frida has her Venus in Gemini, where Venus feels very happy.

Venus operating in lower frequencies in an individual might create someone who is drawn to a less balanced approach towards beauty. Everyone is seeking fulfillment on a worldly level, but a more difficult Venus will produce an individual who might be more prone to extremes in order to achieve external beauty and a degree of self-acceptance. As mentioned earlier in the contrast to a healthy Venus, these people may be more drawn towards artificial methods of beautification- plastic surgery, makeup techniques that alter their appearance dramatically and wearing synthetic materials. An example of an actress with a troubled Venus is Joan Crawford, whose Venus is in Aries conjunct two malefic planetary bodies- Sun and Ketu, making it very unhappy. Joan Crawford underwent multiple surgeries including a facelift and breast augmentation. She even had her back teeth removed in order to give her higher cheekbones.

Venus also rules the give and take we have in relationships. This pertains to romantic relationships as well as any interaction we have with others in our lives. Those with a healthy Venus will be diplomatic in their approach with others and will want to create “win-win” situations with everyone. Those with an unhealthy Venus will find it hard to compromise and will always want to have the better end of the deal. Alternately, those with an unhealthy Venus might find it hard to ask for what they are worth. They may constantly find themselves in situations where they are giving more than they are getting. As you can see Venus has a lot to do with our sense of self-worth and self-value.

You may begin to understand the influence Venus currently has in your life. Some of you will find a healthy Venus with loving relationships and a beautiful and healthy environment abounding. For those of you still working on raising your Venusian frequencies I highly recommend paying specific attention to the areas in your life where questions of balance and self-worth are looming. What do you value about yourself? What in your life offers you comfort? How are you creating security for yourself? What changes can you make to bring more balance into your partnerships? How can you create win-win situations with everyone? The path to raising the frequencies of our Venus is not an easy one, because it requires self-love and self-acceptance. If you would like to take a Vedic Astrology approach to healing your Venus, you may consider donating high quality clothing or objects related to the arts on a Friday (the day ruled by Venus) or chanting “Om Shum Shukraya Namaha,” the mantra for Venus 108 times starting on a Friday, 16,000 times in total.

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