Unless you’ve been hibernating in a windowless winter bunker, or vacationing south of the Mason Dixon line, you know that spring is upon the Midwest. Minnesotans, rejoice! Now is the time to congratulate ourselves for having survived the tundra temperatures, and to celebrate by indulging ourselves in the newly hospitable outdoors.

Alas, as we are likely to encounter springy March and (heaven forbid) April snowfall, we may have to take a rain check for our nature adventures until Mother’s Day has reminded us of our roots. As we sit in our dens, chins in palms, staring through freshly washed windows, beyond Crabapple blossoms at the bright blue but brisk sky, let us at least prime our perspectives for warmer weather by bringing the outdoors in.

As always, Khazana is here to help. A short list below has been compiled to stoke your spring fever. Stop by the shop and allow us to help sort things out. When you leave, you’ll be ready to face post-winter cleaning as your down puffers collect dust.