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Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Altar Making Class

Since time immemorial, altars have been a way to invite the sacred into our lives. Altars are designed as sacred spaces, where you can ask for grace to infuse your life, and for your intentions to manifest. Altars can contain items from any religious or spiritual practice, and will beautify your surroundings, while at the same time enable you to transform your lives.

The full moon is very significant in many ancient cultures. It holds the promise of fruition and fulfillment. Whatever good intention is initiated as the moon grows into fullness, has the potential to provide beneficial results. In this workshop, on the evening preceding the full moon in August, we will use the five elements to create full moon altars, based on the principles of Vastu Shasta. Once created, we will activate our altars, release our request into the Universe, with the intention of bringing forth positive and life enhancing change into our lives.

Lalitha Belur is fascinated with the Vedic sciences (Yoga, Ayurveda, Vastu Shastra) and their beneficial effects on health, well being and happiness. She is a Vastu Shastra consultant, and is passionate about helping others create better energy flow in their homes and work spaces. She loves to create altars for people, tailoring the altar to meet each individual’s needs and intentions.

Lalitha is a scientist by profession, and specializes in genetic therapy and innovative delivery therapies for brain and liver diseases, with the goal of transforming lives of patients with unmet medical needs. She works at the University of Minnesota.


Photograph credit: Chani Nicholas