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Tea and Textiles: Varanasi Brocade with Woolgathering Company

Shweta Kasana of Woolgathering Company will be presenting Khazana's first Tea and Textiles of 2017.

Longtime friends Shweta and Sam founded Woolgathering Company in order to sustain their dream of a slow, deliberate lifestyle. They wanted to wonder as much as possible, and to support other wool gatherers like themselves. Thus, textile artists, natural dreamers, formed the second half of Shweta and Sam's alliance.

At Tea and Textiles, Shweta will discuss her favorite style of textile, hand loomed brocade, which originates in Varanasi. True brocade, the opulent "embroidery of the loom," is sadly becoming increasingly rare. This is because textile companies have begun creating brocade en masse on mechanized looms. This outsourcing of labor incentivizes artists to move away from their villages, and into cities, where they are underpaid, and lonely without their families and traditional culture.

Woolgathering Company's aim is to insure that people of all economic backgrounds can afford artisanal goods, so that village artists no longer have to work for unethical textile factories. By working directly with artisans, contributing to their educations, and assisting them in sourcing materials, Shweta helps to lower the costs of production. Indeed, Woolgathering Company encourages master artisans adapt their traditional skills to a modern world.