Indika Alliance Auction 

Khazana and Indika present a Warli Painting in honor on Ena. 

All proceeds benefit the important work of the Indika Alliance.


The Hermit's Daughter 

Painted by Anil Vangaad, The Hermit's Daughter tells the story of love and the adventures it takes us on. In the 1970's Vangaad took the traditional, prehistoric art form of wall paintings off the walls and to canvas. Vangaad paints for artistic rather than ritual purposes, and is a master in the tradition of Mashe and other early exponents of the Warli style. 

Though loyal to his traditional motifs and methods of imagery making, Anil Vangaad has introduced new subject matter. 

Anil explains, “Even when our people were uneducated they had this rich cultural heritage in the form of our paintings. I am only carrying forward that heritage and I paint what I see all around me, much as my ancestors have done. So when I paint the Tree of Life, I am showing what I see in my village every evening - after a hard day’s work the men gather under the spreading branches of the tree and discuss things, much as people do at coffee shops in the big cities.”

Modern vehicles and machinery, tall buildings and other elements of contemporary life populate his paintings. Though the introduction of these elements into a ritual tribal art form is in one way innovative, it is at the same time traditional, for the Warlis have always taken their inspiration from the world around them. Modern objects rendered in prehistoric style make for imagery which is timeless, always old yet new, and imbuing the modern world with the ritualistic intensity of a past age. 

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