House of the Wandering Silk

Katherine Neumann founded House of the Wandering Silk, based in New Delhi to satisfy her love of design and fair trade development. Her colorful, creative pieces bring smiles to our faces AND they support women across India, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Thailand, and Laos.

At Khazana, we're overjoyed to present the beautiful work produced by Katherine and her team of artisans in India.

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Fair Trade

Katherine sends materials to women in small villages, so that if they're unable to leave their home for the big city, they can still make their own money. This financial independence has allowed them to build schools and homes, empowering communities with better education, comfort, and connectivity.

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Zero Waste

Silk saris are upcycled to create luxurious shrugs and jewelry in vibrant hues. Women in India use a traditional hand-embroidery technique called "kantha" to transform up every piece of fabric into a work of art. One scarf requires 15 to 30 days of meticulous stitching.

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Katherine manages to help women preserve their heritage while simultaneously following and setting fashion trends. She combines kantha, one of the world's oldest embroidery techniques, with her own modern designs.

Photos via @wanderingsilk.