Khazana's View on Alternative Approaches to Healing By: Carolyn Friedhoff

A sage bundle

A sage bundle

Khazana’s View on Alternative Approaches to Healing

By: Carolyn Friedhoff


Khazana sells incense, books on holistic healing, and art from cultures that support the medical efficacy of practices like acupuncture. Customers often visit to purchase items that will help them to cleanse their environments- be they new homes, or their own minds. When Khazana sells palo santo or sage, is it declaring a belief in alternative healing practices?


Khazana serves as a microphone for the voices of the artists whose work it displays. Anju Kataria, Khazana’s founder and owner, visits India at least once a year to scour artisan markets for goods that might otherwise never reach the Western Hemisphere. The gallery also supports communities of people who believe in the particular kind of beauty that Khazana sells, by providing them with practical resources. For instance, if a Twin Cities masseuse believes that a pink quartz wand contains healing energy that can be transferred to a human body upon contact, and wishes to use it in her business, she can purchase one at Khazana.


Despite its support of communities which do believe in the effectiveness of spiritual, natural, or alternative healing methods, Khazana remains agnostic in its message regarding its own belief in those methods.  In this way, it best plays its intended role: a space for community growth.