Adiv Pure Nature

Adiv Pure Nature, founded by Rupa Trivedi, is a seven-year-old eco-friendly venture based in Mumbai. Its aim is to propagate the use of natural dyes on textiles thereby creating a sustainable, green fashion supply chain. Khazana facilitates partnerships between Adiv and creative communities throughout the United States. Contact us for collaboration proposals or to carry Adiv in your store.

Rupa Trivedi

Rupa Trivedi is the founder of Adiv Pure Nature. Her keen desire to share often misinterpreted Indian arts and crafts with a global audience led her to work with traditional textile communities across India.

The Temple Project

Rupa and her team collect temple blessed flowers, that would normally pollute India's water systems, and repurpose them as natural dye agents. They also save food scraps to create a wide range of vibrant hues.


Farmer's Flowers

In July 2016, Adiv connected with Prakash Babu Karpat and his talented wife Ziza. They grow organic marigolds and hibiscus for Adiv on their beautiful farm, dotted with many hot sulphur springs and a lush green forest full of medicinal plants 77 km away from Mumbai.

Photos courtesy of Adiv Pure Nature.