Our Story 

For twenty-five years, Minneapolis has been home to one of North America’s best kept secrets, an art gallery named Khazana, a treasure trove of rare Indian textiles, art and jewelry – it's name the Urdu word for "treasure." Khazana's vast collection of handcrafted objects is an expression of founder Anju Kataria's lifelong love for exquisite fabrics and design. Renowned for her knowledge and passion for textiles, Anju's particular expertise has been cultivated through years spent working with weavers and tradespeople, and searching the far corners of the earth for beautiful additions to her collection. Every piece in Khazana represents a story of the place from which it came, the hands through which it passed, and how Anju became the storyteller. 

Our Mission

By sharing the history of the pieces we sell, hosting lectures for international artists, collaborating with art institutions, and by supporting the spaces that share our mission, we bring awareness to the hard work of the artisans whose work we support. We sustain traditional art forms by honoring their histories, and paying fair wages to artists, thereby financing their longevity. We try to spread appreciation for what exists beyond our borders: what it truly takes for artwork to be created and contributed to our environments.

At Khazana, we have relationships with our sources. We have the unique opportunity to work alongside artists and to influence new designs. With each new collaboration, we adopt the goals of the artists, the makers, or the producers; weaving together their's and our's to create a cooperative aesthetic for our clients.